As we seek to provide Matthias with the best chance possible we’ve laid out 5 ways you can get involved right now.

Donate Funds

You can easily donate with your PayPal account or credit / debit card with  button below. All proceeds (except a very small transaction fee) go toward funding Matthias’ ABA therapy. If you don’t have a PayPal account just enter the amount you want to donate and press ‘donate’. Once you’re taken to the next page, scroll down and click, ‘Don’t have a paypal account?’ and you can then donate with your credit or debit card. If you would like to give, but don’t want to do so online you can contact us and we’ll let you know the best alternative.


Like us on Facebook

You can help us spread the word by simply ‘Liking’ Rock Autism on Facebook. This allows others to see that you’ve liked it and in turn gives them the opportunity to learn about Rock Autism. Awareness is everything so please press this button:

Share us on Twitter

Use Twitter to alert others about Rock Autism. If you have a Twitter account simply click this button and add a personal message along with the one that appears in the shadow box.

Host an event

Have an idea for an event to help raise funds or awareness? A benefit concert? A party? Get in touch

Donate to a silent auction

Donate your expertise to an auction to raise funds for Matthias’ therapy. You can pretty much offer any skill you have. Good with your hands? Offer a couple hours of work. An amazing babysitter? Offer some parents a night off. We will then auction that off to raise funds! Let us know what you can donate